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  • body-care-exotic-hawaiian-souffle

    Exotic Hawaiian Souffle

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    Body Care Collection

    L’core’s Exotic Hawaiian Soufflé’ is a luxuriously pampering salt scrub to soften and smooth your skin. It is a highly efficient and nourishing body scrub that helps lifting away dead skin cells, detox the body, and prepare the skin for a moisturizer. It is good for use against dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, sun spots, stretch marks, and cellulite. This product will exfoliate up to 98% of your dead skin and dead cells, while removing toxins and dirt from your body and healing skin diseases, a perfect defense against modern lifestyle that will re-define your anti-aging treatment.
    L’core Paris Soufflé’ is made from dead sea salts very unique minerals and Pharmaceutical Grade Raw materials, formulated exclusively for L’core Paris TM and made in the USA.

  • rsz_1img_6721rsz_shutterstock_227233042

    Line Correction Black Mamba

    5 out of 5

    Black Mamba Diamond Collection

    We created our line correction boosted formula to replace all surgical procedures and injections! L’core Paris Facial Line Correction will reduce the appearance of moderate deep lines and wrinkles. Applying daily, will give your skin a new look of resolution and silkiness.

  • sapphirefacialpeel

    Sapphire Facial Peel

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    Sapphire Collection

    Vital anti-aging L’CORE Facial Peel Minerals are infused with life giving anti-oxidant ingredients including, Echinacea, Ginseng, Rosemary, and Green Tea Extract.

    With a simple gentle swirling motion of the fingers, whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin are effortlessly removed.

    At the same time, the legendary properties of the minerals work uniquely to retain and attract moisture, maintaining the delicate PH balance of your face.

  • collagencream

    Emerald Collagen Cream

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    Emerald Collection

    By combining the power of precious minerals with the suppleness of organic French botanical, Our Collagen cream helps restore volume to skin that has been lost due to aging. Helps firm the skin, while establishing natural moisture levels. It will provide fresh and young looking skin that will ultimately help maintain long lasting results.

  • 60second-1rsz_shutterstock_181055987

    60 Sec Face Lift Cream

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    Crystalline Diamond Collection

    L’core Express 60 Second lift mask is formulated With Natural Organic Extracts.
    Fight the effect of ageing and the stress of everyday life with this tightening and lifting mask. Using the richest of materials in this unique, mineral-infused and organic-rich formula, L’CORE 60 Second Lift Mask leaves you with firmer skin and radiant glow. A safer alternative to Restylane and Botox, L’CORE uses select organic botanical extracts that tighten and firm your skin while diamond dust instantly brightens and livens up your complexion.
    L’core Express 60 Second lift mask lifts away signs of premature ageing, revealing a more youthful you.

  • 24keyeserum

    24k Eye Serum

    5 out of 5

    Gold Collection

    Created by nature perfected by human L’core cosmetics combines Nanotechnology with the best conductors such as diamonds and 24 k gold to bring your skin to perfection. L’core cosmetics are a breakthrough in the skincare industry that offers a natural selection and a non- surgical solution to face lifts, eye-lifts and skin rejuvenation. Eliminates the needs for going under the knife or injections, with all natural certified organic ingredients. All of our products are carefully selected and made in the best environments in the USA, with absolutely No animal testing! 24k Eye Serum   Expressly designed for the most sensitive skin, L’core 24k Eye Serum deeply hydrates and rejuvenates your eyes. Using known benefits of precious minerals, this 24 karat gold-infused formula conceals fine lines, dark circles and other signs of fatigue. Skin looks lighter and brighter, giving you an instantly revitalized appearance. Organic plant extracts, carefully selected in France, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and tightening your skin. L’core 24k Eye Serum lifts away the signs of premature ageing, revealing a more youthful you.


Success Formula

L’Core Paris is one of the leading beauty and skin care companies founded in Paris, France. They are achieving their goal and living up to their name by producing highly advanced, luxury beauty care products. All of L’Core Paris’s products are specially engineered to cater to different skin types and skin needs. L’Core Paris is also well known for incorporating the luxurious and healing benefits of gemstones in their products.


L’core Paris has a simple yet challenging vision of providing luxury and advanced beauty care products. Every product we make is rooted in our dermatological heritage and customized for every Skin Type and Concern. L’core super-effective products protects, nourishes and smooths your skin, to give you the stunning appearance you were dreaming of, instantly.


L’core Paris has built its innovation strategy around getting to know and listening to different groups of people worldwide. The Research division is wide open to the world, with its evaluation centers based on several continents. As new populations are gaining access to cosmetic and beauty treatments every day, the almost infinite diversity of types of beauty is both a challenge and an asset.


L’core Paris believes that nature gave us the best resources and it’s up to us to harness these into powerful and advanced products. L’core combines the power of precious gems (24k gold, Ruby Dust, Diamond dust, Emerald and other ingredients) and minerals formed deep in the core of the earth. L’core Paris signature product lines are a treat to your body and skin.

Benefits of Gemstone Facials

Gemstone facials are becoming increasingly popular among people who want a healing treatment that also helps to balance their energy levels. Various types of gemstones have peculiar powers. The gemstones such as amber, onyx, ruby and emerald among others are ground to a micro-fine powder along with a mixture of vitamin rich oils and aromatherapy essences and are applied directly to the skin which helps our face to relax and improve skin texture and tone with beautiful sensory experiences.