Winter Skin Care

During summer it is obvious our skin needs care so it won’t get dry or burn from the extremely hot weather. It is so hot outside, that as we step out we feel dry and thirsty for some cold water and so it is easy to feel that we must care for our skin. But as winter takes over, we feel different. We don’t feel so thirsty often and we don’t feel our skin is too dry or in need of treatment. But, just because we feel different doesn’t mean we can treat our skin differently and neglect its care. Here are a few tips for winter skin care.

Stick With Your Skin Care Routine

Just because it is not as warm outside as during summer, doesn’t mean your skin will not need its treatments. Our skin ages constantly and aging doesn’t take a break for winter and so neither does your skincare routine. Don’t wait to notice if winter or cold affects or damages your skin before you go back to your skincare routine. Keep it going to ensure such damages won’t occur to your skin.

Keep Your Skin Warm

Extreme coldness can and will damage your skin. It causes dryness, irritations, and even cold burns. And so it’s important to keep your skin relatively warm, especially when you’re outdoors. Keep your skin warm by wearing warm clothes, so make sure your outfits include hats, scarves, and gloves.

Winter’s Daily Skin Care Routine

In order to keep your skin healthy during winter, you must maintain a steady daily skincare routine. That means a morning and evening routine in which you provide your skin with the protection it needs before starting your day and provide it with the care it needs after a long day. Allowing your skin the protection it needs and the care it needs in order to rejuvenate itself daily, will reduce the cold effect on your skin and will allow you to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin through winter.