Why Skin Caring During Winter is Just as Important as During Summer

Our experience in the cosmetology industry has taught us that most people believe that skin caring during summer is significantly more important than skin caring during winter time. See, there’s something logic about that belief, sure. But, is it entirely true? Not at all. The thing is, that during summer we spend more time outdoors and s we’re more exposed to direct sunlight, which has an extreme impact on our skin, so we must protect it. But, it doesn’t mean that during winter you should neglect your skin and not provide it with the treatment it needs. Here’s why skin caring during winter is just as important as during summer.

Dry Skin

During summer the heat cause our skin dryness that we need to prevent by applying moisturizers. We feel that heat load and tend to consume a lot of water throughout the day. But see, what happens during winter, is that we don’t feel that dryness – we’re rarely feel the urge to drink water and a lot of times we get to the point where we are dried up and won’t even notice it. Because during winter our awareness of the possibility to get dehydrated is significantly lower than during summer.

Sun Impact

We’re all aware to the fact the during summer the sun is ponding upon us and its direct UV lights maybe provide us with vitamin D, but its impact on our skin is also devastated, should we expose it too long to the sun. But there are a lot of sunny days during winter as well. It is freezing, sure, but the sun still shinning and its impact on our skin remains the same. So, also during winter we must protect our skin from over-exposure to direct UV lights.

Aging or “Time Stops for No One”

We may feel that our skin age during summer, but who says it doesn’t age during winter? Time stops for no one and neither for our skin as well. See, anti-aging skin caring is something that must be an ongoing thing. Should you stop with the anti-aging treatments during winter, your skin’s aging might accelerate, which will lead to a damage you may won’t be able to fix during summer. Think about it – you struggle to maintain your skin’s health throughout summer, you don’t need to add it the aging affects it has accumulated during winter.

Skin caring is something to do throughout the entire year, as we can make adjustments according to the current season. But never neglect it for a whole season, even be it the cold winter.