When is the Best Time for Skin Caring?

A lot of people I know are asking me what the best time for skin care is, and how long should they dedicate to it every time? Now, there isn’t a fixed equation to follow. That’s the first thing to understand. But, there are a few tips I can give you, which will make it easier to be consistent about your daily skin care routine. Let’s begin.

Skin Care Twice a Day, Constantly

The first important thing is to be consistent about your skin caring method. The more consistent you’ll be about your skin care, the better results you’ll get. Now, if we’re talking about daily skin care, the best timing to do it is twice a day every 12 hours. Make sense, right? Now, it doesn’t have to be exactly on the minute, but the idea is to care for your skin before you start your day and to care for your skin once you’re getting home and before you go to bed.

Morning Skin Care

Natural, we are more stressful in the mornings. If we need to get to work, we try to avoid being late and so the skin care method needs to be efficient and quickly. We don’t want to drag our time with it and find ourselves stressed out from being late to work. Especially that stress doesn’t add to our skin’s health, and that’s an understatement… So, the idea is to know exactly the order of your morning skin care routine and maintain that order of action so you can do it well, yet quickly.

Evening Skin Care

On the evening we usually have more time for ourselves. We can take our time as we enjoy our bath time routine, which including our skin care. Take the time to gently massage your skin as you apply your body or facial cream, allowing it to better absorbed within your skin.

Weekends’ Skin Care

During the weekends it is time to do those skin care actions that take more time but also requires only once or twice a week. For example, the weekend is a great opportunity to use facial mask, as you need to allow it enough time to work and you don’t always have the time nor the patience to do it during your week.

Remember, you need to adjust the times of your daily skin care routine to your weekly schedule in order for it to become easier for you to keep going with it. Don’t try to force it one times you’re most stressful. If you work night shifts, you should take my tips for morning and evening just the opposite of what I’ve wrote – ok? Build yourself a skin care routine you’ll be able to keep up with – that’s your key to success.