There are different options to look at your best – it can be professional look that we’re looking to project, elegant look, sexy look, etc. But when talking about “sexy look”, what exactly considered to be sexy? Is it when we dress ourselves with revealing clothes? Does sexy is something you see when you look at someone or is it something you feel? And how can you feel sexier too? Let’s discuss.

General Opinion for “Sexy”

So, what most people consider as sexy? Well, there are basic appearance characteristics that most people consider as beautiful that are usually also associate with sexy. For example: blonde hair, tall height, green eyes, etc. but, does any of it indeed make a certain person to seem sexy to us? Let’s say you find green eyes to be sexy, can you honestly say that any person with green eyes look sexy to you? It hardly makes sense doesn’t it? See, by definition, “sex” is a passion and so it is something we ought to feel and not see. So if you feel that green eyes are sexy, it is probably because you’re familiar with someone with green eyes which you found to be sexy.

Unique “Sexy”

Some people find a unique appearance to be sexy, buy still, we say it is not the appearance that you find sexy, ratter the person. Sexy is something that each of us finds in different people. Yes, we can sometimes agree about a certain person to be sexy, but usually it is very selective and individual.


Some think that perfection is sexy. For say, a beautiful and nurtured skin, a perfect hair, etc. More than that, some find cleanliness and self-hygiene to be sexy. That’s right, more and more people find healthy to be sexy, and that is one of the reasons why skin care products are so popular. We’re all want to look at our best – and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you do it for the health of your skin and you love yourself no matter what. Cause you know what more? People find it easier to be attracted to you when you love yourself.

Projecting Sexiness

At the bottom line, when we see someone that we thing is sexy, we feel it. Meaning, something in that person project sexiness and we feel it. That’s why certain characters are also considered as sexy. For example: many people find self-confidence to be sexy. But again we ask, if you think self-confidence to be sexy, do you find any person with that character to be sexy? Probably not. Therefore, we can only conclude that sexy is actually a collection of characters, characteristics and behaviors, that combined together well, considered as sexy. And although “sexiness” can be common sometimes, in most cases it is individual.

At the bottom line, it is the sum of who we are, what we project, our appearance and yes, also what we wear that make us look sexy. If we want to feel sexier, we can love ourselves a little more, practice a little more self-confidence, and pick clothes to fit us. Remember, even if a certain garment considered to be sexy, if it doesn’t fit us it won’t look sexy on us. Additionally, we can treat our skin a little better with the skin care fine collections of L’core Paris – discover it all here.