Warm Up Your Winter with those Healthy Foods

One of the things we love most about winter is the tasty foods that comes with it. But, it is very important to ensure you’re not tempted to consume too much of fried and “heavy” foods that will also harm your willing to keep up with your healthy lifestyle including the willing to work out on a regular basis. There are warm and comforting foods you can enjoy during winter, which will still allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas for such foods to try this winter!

Soups’ Time

 When it is cold outside, every hour is a good hour to enjoy a hot soup. When thinking of healthy foods that are warming as well, soups maybe the first thing that comes in mind, isn’t it? Each week you can cook a different soup, so you won’t have enough of it and it won’t get too “boring” on your plate. You can cook vegetables soup or one vegetable soup, such as tomatoes soup or onion soup, pumpkin soup, etc. – the options are varied almost as vegetables are varied. If you or one of your family members catch a cold during winter, you can cook a chicken soup – it is not only warm and tasty, but also very heathy and will help you get rid of that cold much quicker. You can warm some healthy bread as a side to go with any soup for more of a full meal to keep you satiated.

Quiches and Pies

First thing, let us declare: quiche is a perfect side dish to go with soups, so that’s something to consider as a whole meal for you and your family during winter. But the additional benefit of quiches over soups, is that it is also a sort of a comfort food that is always enjoyable to eat. Cook quiches that contain healthy vegetables – that way you can both stay healthy and satiated with your foods. Another thing that is great about quiches, is that on one hand it allows you to get full and satiated, while on the other hand it keeps you lighted. That way, you can still work out and won’t fill too heavy to do so, which can become a very easy excuse to use for neglecting your healthy lifestyle.

Pies are a great warm and sweet desert for those cold days – just make sure you don’t bake pies with too much sugar in it! You can always use natural ingredients to sweeten those pies, such as bananas or palms!  Enjoy!