When Should You Use Lotions, Creams, and Body Butters?

The importance of topical hydration is crucial to maintaining your body’s largest external organ; your skin. Whether drinking your daily intake of water or using your favorite brand of lotion, there are many ways of simply hydrating your skin allowing it to carry out its functional duties at its optimal level.

The Right Products

Lotions, creams, and body butters are the main topical forms that may be confusing to people when trying to reach for the best skin results. So what’s the difference between the three types and when to use them? In this article, I got you covered.

1. When to use your lotions

Lotions are the most common products people reach for when looking for a basic way to hydrate their skin. Containing more water than creams and butters, lotions are more lightweight and ideal for daily use due to comfortability. Who likes feeling oily and greasy all day long? So feel free to apply your lotion before heading out the house or even throughout the day in areas wherever you need a moisture boost!

2. When to use your body butters

Depending on your skin type, body butters may be used at different times of the day because the formula is a lot more heavy. People with drier skin tend to gravitate towards butters because the thick feel keeps them a lot more hydrated longer than those with oiler to normal skin types. Usually body butters are best to apply right after taking a shower/bath or right before bed. Because your skin has been stripped of its natural oils when taking a hot shower (which is not recommend), your skin will be needing moisture as soon as possible to keep your skin from feeling dry, tight, or even flaking.

3. When to use your creams

Creams work wonders in a few different ways because they are made available in all kinds of formulas targeting different skin types and conditions. From pharmaceutical formulas and cosmetic to unmedicated forms, creams include key ingredients that will penetrate the skin for a deeper hydration whereas lotions and body butters does not. Creams also have a ‘whipped’ consistency, but varies in different brands and products according to your skin’s target needs. Don’t forget to read the directions as follows.

There’s all sorts of factors that play into which type of products to reach for throughout the year (and even where you live!). Sometimes people choose body butters for daily use because of extreme weather conditions they live in and sometimes people simply grab lotions because of how they feel. Everyone has a personal preference, so feel free to experiment with different products and brands that’ll help you reach your skincare results. Happy hydrating!