Turn Your Bathroom into Your Own Private Spa

We all just love going to the spa and indulging ourselves with the spa pampering experience, don’t we? But, with our over-dynamic daily routine, we don’t always find the time to go to the spa. And so, the spa experience is something we enjoy not as often as we wish we would, right? So, what if we’ve told you your own bathroom can be turned into a private spa for you to enjoy daily? Here’s how to turn your bathroom into a spa with 8 simple tips!

Bathroom Accessories

The spa experience starts with the atmosphere and the way we FEEL during our stay at the spa. And so, in order to turn your bathroom into a private spa, you must create that atmosphere. But how do you create that atmosphere? You start with the accessories – a pampering bathrobe, slippers, fluffy towels, and rugs. Once you have that, you can move to the scents in your new private spa-like bathroom. 

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a must as part of turning your bathroom into a spa. Choose your favorite scented candles to complete your at-home spa experience. Make sure you choose scents you like because scents you dislike can easily ruin the whole experience. 

Relaxing Music

Relaxing music is a part of any spa experience. You can choose your favorite tunes, be it classic music, nature sounds, etc. whatever it is that you can easily relax with. 

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy essential oils will allow you to breathe better and relax faster. The scents will fill the bathroom, slowly allowing you to relax and enter a spa-like state of mind.

Enjoy a Drink

Enjoying a drink is part of the spa experience, so why not enjoy it at home as well? You can enjoy a glass of wine or even your healthy cucumber water – it is up to you to decide which drink you wish to enjoy! 

Head Massage

When washing your head, take the time to rub your scalp gently. A head massage is very relaxing and you can treat yourself by massaging your scalp while shampooing it. 

Feet Massage

Don’t forget about your feet! Rub your feet gently or have your partner do so. You can also invest in an electric foot massager which isn’t so expensive!

Take Your Time

The bottom line about the spa experience is to take your time, relax and indulge yourself. If you’re entering the bathroom only in order to take a shower as quickly as possible, just as if it was only another task to complete, you’ll never be able to enjoy the spa experience at home. So, take your time, allow yourself to relax and forget about your daily never-ending to-do list for an hour or so, and simply embrace the spa experience.