Think You Shouldn’t Skin Care Through Winter? Think Again!

The New Year Arrived and the winter is at its peak! It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s snowing and even if the sun’s out – it is cold as hell. Which automatically make us think that we shouldn’t invest in our skin care, because winter is not damaging to our skin as much as summer. Right? Wrong! Our skin care methods are important as any other day of the year, and the winter can be harmful to our skin just as much as summer can be. Here’s how to protect your skin during the cold season.

Winter Skin Care

First of all, the skin care you lead through the entire year should be the same as your winter skin care. Meaning, keep washing your face at least twice a day, apply moisturizer before bed and in the morning, use that anti-aging cream as often as you use during the rest of the seasons, and use rejuvenating face mask about once a week. Do not quit your skin care routine, do not think it will be fine. The cold can damage your skin as much as heat can.

Cold Damage

Yes, the coldness can cause damage to our skin. It can dry it, it can irritate it, and it can even burn our skin by direct contact. Therefore, skin care is important to maintain just as you do throughout the entire year. You need to wear warm clothes and when it is extremely cold, you should use hand gloves, hats, ears warmers and scarfs in order to protect your skin.

Don’t Forget to Drink

It is harder to keep track on how much fluids you consume during winter than on summer. On summer, the heat reminds us that we’re thirsty pretty often, but on winter the sense of thirst is almost vanishing. So, make sure you drink enough water and keep both your body and skin hydrated.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sounds somewhat hallucinatory to say such thing during winter, right? That’s is just it – the sun can still cause damage even when the weather is cold. The direct sunlight effects on or skin the same should we stay exposed to it for too long. So make sure you protect your skin from the sun also during winter and even apply sunscreen when planning a long staying under its direct light.