Things to Know about This Summer

Spring is here, as it gets warmer every day, and soon enough summer will finally arrive. Now, summer is a great season, when most people seek to spend their time outdoors, enjoying sport and other activities, such as camping, going to the beach, etc. But, summers are also risky, as the heat and direct sunlight can cause severe damage to our body’s health, especially our skin. So, here are some of the things you need to know about summer that will allow you to get through this fabulous season as healthy as possible.

It’s Warming up Fast

Yes, we’re all aware of the global warming, but do we truly understand how fast it gets warmer? Obviously, during spring the weather gets warmer quickly. But, due to the global warming each spring gets warmer than its previous, and the warmer it gets, the more it can impact our health and not in a good way. So, it is also important to protect ourselves during summer. How do we do so? By remembering the meaning of hot weather and by being ready for it.

The Sun’s Risks to Our Health

One of the most devastating impacts of hot weather is the sunlight (especially UV light) that can cause serious damage to our skin. Exposing our skin to direct sunlight on hot days can lead to serious health conditions, skin’s disease and even skin cancer. So, when going outside you must use sunscreen on your bare skin, including facial skin. Cover as much of your skin as you can, and even if you spend the day at the beach waring only swimsuit, be sure to stay under a shade, such as under a parasol. Remember that children’s skin is more sensitive and be sure to protect it too. Even if your skin is in a perfect shape and health, neglecting it under the sun’s affect can lead to aging fast on top of everything we’ve mentioned.

Skin’s Protection

Sunscreen can protect our skin in some level but it can’t entirely prevent all the damage the sunlight can cause. So, what else can you do in order to protect your health? Whether staying outdoors or indoors, drink a lot of water. During hot days our body loses a lot of fluids, meaning it also needs a “refill”, and water is the best for it. Drinking enough water will allow you to stay hydrated. Meaning, your skin will remain hydrated too. There are more ways to protect your skin and reduce sun’s risks by eating foods that increases your body’s natural protection, such as tomatoes.

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