The Renovation of L’core Paris and Usage of Gemstones

We live in an ever-changing age and on a high frequency. Life has a speeding pace to it, as each day seems to end quicker than its previous. On top of all that, there’s pollution in the air that surrounds us, especially if you live in the big city. In addition, the planet grow warmer, and our skin is effected directly by all of those. So, in order to grant you with a fine skin care that won’t be only effective for your skin’s type, but also updated for the environment’s condition and its risks to our skin’s health, we use gemstones in our products to allow an added significant value.

Diamonds – Our Best Friends?

Yes, it has been said that diamonds are the best friends of women, but is it the best friend of our skin as well? Diamonds are proven to strength the energy centers of our body. As far as skin care benefits, the nanoparticles of the diamonds has many benefits to our skin, including increasing anti-aging aspect of the skin care products.

The Power of Gold

Gold is one of the most expensive metals and materials in the world and so, no wander it is one of the most common materials to use in jewelry and such. But gold has also known for its health benefits and not only in the western culture of our time, but in many cultures around the world and through different ages.

Sapphire – The Clam Stone

Sapphire has considered as a calming stone and has an impact on our mood. But its calming influence isn’t limited to our mental state but also to our skin, as it can ease and heal burns. But that’s only the main power to it as it also reduce damage to our skin, smooth it and hydrate it.

Learn more about L’core Paris usage of Gemstones in our skin care products here, and find out how your skin can be healthier and glow brighter!