Surviving the Holidays

“Surviving the holidays” has a different meaning–depending on whom you ask. For some, they are meant to go through the holidays without a family argument, for others, it is to stay in shape after all of those holiday feasts or maintain their healthy diet, and for some, it is simply to go through the holidays and get back to the daily routine without any scandals of some sort. Whatever the meaning of surviving the holidays is for you, here are a few tips to help you have a nice holiday season.

The Holidays’ Foods

Holiday food is something that most dread. Loads and loads of countless dishes, most of which are unhealthy. And the thing is, we know exactly what is going to happen, but we do nothing to avoid it. On the contrary, we even prepare for uncontrollable feasting. We avoid having breakfast and even launching as we prepare for the festive dinner. Then, we arrive starving at the holiday table, ready to eat it all. Next time, just eat smaller meals before the evening feast and arrive at dinner just a little hungry, so you’ll be able to control and think about what you choose to eat – and more importantly, what you choose NOT to eat.

If you’re cooking for the holidays, try to choose a healthy variant of the holiday dishes. It is up to you to improve your family’s holiday diet and avoid all the unhealthy dishes that have too much fat, sugar, and salt in it. Instead, choose dishes that are rich with vegetables roasted in the oven or steamed.

Holiday Activity

We understand that sometimes you can’t work out during the holidays, because your holiday schedule is different from usual. But instead of making an excuse out of it, join the whole family to work out with you. Instead of sitting around, looking for reasons to argue about, get up and plan a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy! Go hiking together, play football in the backyard, take a bicycle ride together – whatever your family will enjoy doing together. 

Want to survive the holidays? Be more active, eat healthy, and enjoy this holiday season!