Sun’s Damages to Our Skin

From one summer to the next, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, projecting more danger to our skin and general health. Being aware of the sun’s damages to our skin can allow us to protect ourselves from it, while allowing our skin to enjoy only the benefits of the sun, on which we will discuss on our next article. For now, let’s talk about the ways the sun can harm our skin’s health and what can we do in order to prevent sun’s damages to our skin.

Direct Sunlight UV

During summer we practice a lot of outdoors activities. We spend the day at the beach, we go for a hike, we play outdoors sports such as soccer, football, etc. When being outdoors, we expose our skin to direct sunlight and the effect of the UV lights to our skin may become devastating. First of all, the direct sun dries our skin by significantly reduce levels of hydration of our skin. Second, the direct sunlight also burn our skin – just as it sounds – the sun burns our skin from becoming tanning up to suffering from sunburns and blisters. On some severe cases, the sun’s effect may lead to skin’s diseases and even skin’s cancer. But, we can avoid all of those, by embracing smart behavior outdoors that will reduce as much as possible the sun’s damage to our skin, while still enjoying outdoors activities.

Smart Behavior under the Sun

There are some basics for smart behavior outdoors that each one of us should embrace to themselves. First, use sunscreen every time you’re out during day time. Whenever your skin gets exposed to the sun, you must use sunscreen in order to protect it. Second, drink a lot of water and allow your skin to restore its levels of moisture in order to avoid dry skin. Third, try to stay as long as you can in the shade, allowing your body and skin to cool off from the direct sunlight’s heat and wear hats to reduce direct heat on your head.

Skin Care

After being exposure to the direct sun, remember to use skin care in order to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself and reduce the damages still caused by the sun. Additionally, the purpose of skin care after being outdoors for several hours is to allow our skin to calm, to cool, to breathe and to get cleaned. Don’t forget how much we sweat in the heat, so make sure to clean up your skin thoroughly and only then applying your skin care products.