Sun’s Benefits to Our Skin

We always talk about the terrible damages that direct sunlight may cause to the skin. How it can dry it, burn it and even cause it severe diseases. Sure, extensive exposure to the sun may lead to damages to the skin’s health, but moderate sun exposure can benefit our skin and to our general health altogether. Let’s see how the sun benefit our skin’s health, our mental state of mine and our body.

Vitamin D for the Skin’s Health

Exposing to the sun creates vitamin D within our body that allows our skin to rejuvenate itself naturally. It also allow our skin to reduce damages caused by the same sun that allows our skin to heal. Therefore, we it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the result – damage or benefit, is depended only on the level of exposure to the sun. Stay under it for too long – you’ll get the damages, control your exposure by moving to the shade and allowing your skin to cool off or limit the length of time you stay outdoors – and you will get the benefits. It is that simple and that significant at once.

Mental State

Some of the sun’s benefits to our health are metal benefits. When we’re exposed to direct sunlight, our body produces serotonin naturally. Serotonin allows us to become more clam and happy and not only that, it allows us to improve our ability to focus. So, the sun is also good for our brains and metal state.

Balance is the Key

Balance is the key to enjoy the sun’s benefits to our skin and health, while avoiding the damages it can cause. It is also recommend to use skin care after being exposed to the sun in order to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself faster and better.