Spring is in the Air

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, as we say goodbye to the 2019’s winter and off towards spring! Don’t you love the spring season? The air is fresh, the light is stronger as the clouds clearing out and all nature renewing itself. And so are we! How should we behave in this excited season? What to expect? What should we keep in mind about it? The answers are to follow, including tips for your own personal renewing process.

Loosen Up

The first thing we love about the spring is the ability to finally lose all the heavy clothing we put on during winter due to the cold weather. The spring brings warm air with it and we all can lose the coats, scarfs, gloves and other warm clothes. But, we can also lighten up in other ways.

Renewing Your Look

Having a long hair can sometimes feel like having a coat over our shoulders, and it isn’t pleasant at all. So, additionally to the light clothes you can also renew your haircut and go for a shorter one to light a little that warmth in the nape of your neck. But before shortening your hair, you need to take into consideration that your nape will also become exposed to the sunlight and it can burn it – so you still have to protect it. But, just like the flowers, trees and all growing, you can also renew your style, colors and allow yourself to shine.

Get Moving

The spring is a great timing to start working out regularly. It isn’t too cold, when the only thing you want is to stay at home and watch television, and it isn’t too warm, when the only thing you want is to swim in ice cold water… it is a great opportunity to get back into shape, so when it will be summer you’ll already be in shape to keep going with it through summer. Starting at summer might be too difficult to start, as the hot weather can take its toll on you.

Keep in mind that the weather is growing warmer with each year and so, it is best to prepare yourself for summer during spring in order to allow your body to adjust to the extreme hot weather expected this year.