Smoking and Drinking – Avoid and Prevent

Smoking and drinking (alcohol beverages) isn’t healthy. Everybody knows is by now but still somehow so many people choose to smoke and consume alcohol. Whether if you wish to start a healthy lifestyle, or simply wish to improve your health – quitting those two bad habits will improve your life quality in many ways. And this is our article’s subject today. Let’s discuss how avoiding smoking and drinking will do you good.

Smoking – Avoid and Prevent

If you’ve managed to avoid smoking so far, it is great and soon we’ll talk about its benefits. If you’re smoking and haven’t manage to quit yet – know that it is possible and believe in yourself. Now let’s talk about the benefits of avoiding smoking. 

When you’re not smoking, you’re avoiding having a bad breath smell. You’re also avoiding bad smell on your clothes and hands. And obviously, you’re avoiding breathing the smoke into your body, which will allow you more chances to prevent the following:

  • Skin’s aging and stains – if you’ll smoke for a long time, soon your skin will be effected by it and your look will become older. Your skin will dry and become less flexible and it will age faster.
  • Mouth infections – smoking may lead or cause infections in your mouth.
  • Lung/Respiratory disease – smoking may lead to difficulties in breathing and diseases related to your respiratory system and even lung cancer. Avoiding smoking can significantly reduce your chances to get those life-risks medical conditions. 

Drinking – Avoid and Prevent

There’s a very few people we’ve met that managed to avoid drinking alcohol during their entire lives. But though it is still quite popular to drink, it doesn’t mean it won’t harm your health and lifestyle. So, let’s talk about the benefits of avoiding drinking alcohol.

When you’re not drinking you’re avoiding losing control on what you say, what you do and how you behave. That means you’re also avoiding dangerous behavior such as driving under the influence of that alcohol. You’re also avoiding headaches, dizziness and even harder cases, such as hangovers. And so, here’s what you can prevent by avoiding drinking:

  • Hangovers – hangovers can be pretty hard. And that is something you can 100% prevent should you only chose to avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Depressions – consuming alcohol in large capacity or in a steady routine may lead to depressions. 
  • Violent – alcohol effects the why you think and may harm your judgment and may lead you to behave dangerously towards yourself or those surround you.
  • Diseases – consuming a lot of alcohol may lead to medical conditions such as obesity and liver diseases.

On the bottom line, should you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body and mind, you need to avoid as much as you can from both smoking and drinking and fill your life with fun, healthy habits!