Skin Care Through Spring

We always say that skin caring is important to maintain throughout the whole year, whether it is cold, hot and in between. So, let’s talk about that “in between” part of the year, and especially, the spring season. How does the spring season changed in the last few years and what does it mean for our skin care? What do we need to pay more attention to? And why is this happening. Let’s begin.

From a Gradual Change to and Extreme Change

The transition seasons has always considered to be more moderate than summer and winter. It supposed to be the seasons in which the weather changes slowly. On spring the weather meant to change gradually from cold to warm, allowing nature (and people in general) to adapt itself to the change. But on the last decade, it seems that the transition seasons aren’t so stable and the gradual change turns to be an extreme one.

Allow Our Skin to Adapt

On the bottom line we’re not weather professionals, we don’t know to explain why it happens, except for saying the change is one of the implications of global warming. So, what does it means for our skin? Basically and most importantly, it means that our skin must adapt to the climate change, and that means to adapt itself to the change from cold to hot weather much faster than before. And we can make it happen with skin care.

Spring Skin Care

So, what’s so special about spring skin care? Due to the quick change of the weather skin care through spring must be dynamic and adapt to the temperature, humidity, and air pollution changes. Extreme high temperature, haze and high humidity percentage directly affect our skin’s health and condition. Therefore, we must be vigilant about the weather and about our skin’s condition and react to any change. The more we’ll be aware to the changes occur both to the weather and to our skin, the better care we can provide our skin with.