L’core Paris Human Hair Eyelashes


Fashionable to wear any time of the day and can last for a long time. It is very durable with incredible performance that easily contours to the eyelids. They are excellent lashes that brings a full, natural look for any event.



SOFT AND FEATHERY EYELASHES: The L’CORE Paris fake eyelashes are made with your comfort in mind. They’re thick, feathery soft and comfortable to wear over and over without causing abrasions to the skin around your eyes as well.

REUSABLE FALSE EYE LASHES: Constantly buying new fake eyelashes can be quite a hassle, which is why the L’CORE Paris natural false eyelashes come in a reusable design, allowing you to look glamorous over and over again.

EASY TO PUT ON: The fascinating natural false eyelashes are very easy to put on by yourself in just a matter of minutes. The fake eyelashes kit will help you ensure that they’re comfortably but firmly attached on the whole day.

BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL EYES: Give yourself a pair of gorgeous Disney eyes with the L’CORE Paris reusable false eyelashes. They are made of 100 % human hair and are luxuriously thick and feathery to give your eyes that perfectly winged finish.

AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF COLORS: Looking for something bright to match your outfit? The L’CORE Paris eyelashes are available in a variety of softly blended hues and also beautifully vibrant colors. You get our 100% Money back guarantee for each purchase. Dare your eyes today and get yourself a pair by clicking “Add to Cart” Now”!


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