Sexy is Confidence

A lot of people have tried to define what exactly sexy is. The more the subject has been examined, the more and more it became clear, that sexy is not only what others see in you, but also what you project to others. Meaning, sexiness is something you can transmit to those surrounds you. And do you do that? With confidence of course.

When You Love Yourself

When you love yourself. Your confidence is shining from you naturally. That is why it makes it easier for people to love you as well. When you don’t love yourself you tend to naturally hide the best things about yourself and you make is harder for other to see how great you are.

Self-esteem is Beautiful

Sure, we can argue a lot about what beauty is, but – trust us when we say that self-esteem is beautiful. Why? Because when you’re confident in your virtues you’re allowing the world to see it as well, and so you are becoming appealing to others.

A Sexy Character

Some characters’ qualities also conceived as sexy. Such as leadership, multitasking, optimism and more.  The thing to understand is that we are the sum of our appearance, character and what we allow the world to see – meaning, any of us can appear sexy to someone at any given time. So, just believe in yourself, be confident in who you are, spread love and joy, and the compliments won’t be late to follow!