Rules for Halloween’s Makeup

We all know how it starts… A cheerful morning, full of our kids’ expectations of it to be a perfect day – the only day of the year in which they can become anything they desire to be. And this day is such an excitement for them that a lot of times they don’t realize that the heavy makeup they’re wearing is turning irritating and itching and they scratch their skin, only for us to discover the horror as we remove their facial paint colors at the end of the evening. But it doesn’t have to be this way, we, as their parents, can prevent it from getting to the point where the Halloween’s makeup harms our kids’ skin – here are some rules for Halloween’s day that will allow you to do so.

Kids’ Skin Care

Just as we apply skin care products to our skin, such as moisturizers, before applying our makeup, we should do the same in order to ensure our kids’ skin’s health. There are skin care products that are suited for kids’ skin, and you can use without fear. Applying it before painting our kids’ faces, will provide some level of protection. Of course, this isn’t enough and there are more actions to take in order to protect their skin this Halloween.

When the Skin Irritates

Pay attention to your kids – should they sweat a lot (especially on their faces), should you notice they scratch their facial skin – it means the makeup starts harming the skin and should be removed as soon as possible. Remove the skin with a lot of water and facial cleanser. If you’re out and can’t wash your kids’ face, remove the makeup using makeup removal wipes – so make sure you got those with you wherever you go on Halloween’s day. It won’t be the perfect answer, but it might just be the immediate solution to the skin’s irritation. If it happens in the middle of Halloween’s day, allow your kid’s skin to freshen up for a while and after an hour or so you can paint their facial again – only try to apply less makeup should it was too much for your kid’s skin, as some kids’ skins are more sensitive them others – just like the rest of ours skins.

Never Sleep with Makeup On

As daily makeup users, we’re aware to the risks to our skin of sleeping with makeup on. Now same goes for our kids and in their cases it is even more significant that we will remove their makeup as soon as the party or the trick or treating activity is done with. Their skin is not used to have any sort of makeup and wearing that Halloween’s heavy makeup throughout the entire day can cause a serious damage to their youthful skin. Make sure you remove the facial paint and wash it completely off their skin, and not only that, but also apply moisture restoring cream to their skin, so it can restore its condition and overcome the dryness caused by the heavy makeup.

By following these simple rules we can ensure our kids’ skin’s health and ours as well. Of course, it is important to make sure you choose high quality Halloween’s makeup, approved for facial use by the FDA. May you’ll enjoy a happy and healthy Halloween!