Protect Your Skin by Personal Hygiene

You always find yourself worried about your skin’s condition and looking for new ways to improve its health and appearance. But, do you pay attention to the little things? Those that are maybe little but also extremely important should you wish to treat your skin with care? On this article we will focus indeed on those little things that will improve your skin’s health, those that you should follow even if you have the perfect skin care routine. Here it is.

Wash Your Hands

Obviously, all of us knows the importance of washing our hands. But when should you wash your hands, how often and how warm the water should be? First, you need to wash your hands after using the toilet, after touching uncleaned item, and before cooking and eating. Additionally, you should wash your hands whenever you feel as it is dirty than normal. Using sanitizing gel isn’t enough – when needed and available, wash your hands with water and soap. Now, the health department recommends to wash your hands with worm water “as hot as you can touch” in order to lose as much bacteria as possible. But, hot water can damage our skin as it dries it up. So, after washing your hands, use hands lotion to restore the moisture level in your skin.

Consider Your Hands to Always Be Uncleaned

You should always take into consideration that your hands aren’t fully cleaned and has no bacteria on it. Why is that? Forget the items you touch along your day that isn’t clean to start with, such as your computer or station phone at your office, your car’s wheel, cabinets’ handles, etc. – there’s one thing you touch almost throughout your entire day and that is filled with bacteria. Your smart phone. Your personal mobile is almost constantly in your hands and it has so many germs on it. So, whenever you touch it, know that your hands are not as clean as you wish it to be, especially after someone else uses it.

Avoid Touching Your Face

So, we’ve learned that our hands has bacteria on it almost at any given time. And so, you should avoid touching your face as much as you possibly can. The more you will avoid touching your face, the less bacteria you’ll pass to your facial skin. Of course, you can touch your face right after washing your hands and it is also recommend to wash your face at least twice a day – in the mornings and at nights before going to bed.

There’s much more you can do to ensure your skin’s health should you pay attention to what you touch and keep your hands as clean as possible. Of course, quality skin care products can complete your caring routine. You’re welcome to click here and discover the beauty and skin care products of L’core Paris.