Prepare Your Skin for Summer

We’ve almost didn’t notice but summer is standing at the gates to our lives. It has been a little different this year with the Corona virus outbreak, the quarantine, the social distance and all the things that came along with it. Some of us are bored as hell as they don’t work and some of us work twice as much from what they’re used to work. Either way, it is safe to say that the daily routine of all of us has changes in some way. And in your new routine, we would like to remind you to continue caring for your skin and to give you some tips of how to prepare your skin for summer.

Don’t Quit Skin Caring

Summer is the most dynamic season in matters of impact on our skin. Meaning, the best thing you can do in order to prepare your skin for summer and keep it healthy, is to keep on with your daily skin caring and don’t neglect that routine. When your skin can depend on the daily treatment it used to, it won’t change its behaviour and will stay healthy as possible. So that’s the first and most important thing to remember.

Time under the Sun

The sun is both good and bad for our skin’s health at the same time. Well, not exactly the same time. See, while a short exposure to the sun nourishes us with vitamin D, a long exposure might cause serious damages to our skin and our health in general. And that is why, you must be aware of the time when spending the day out and make sure you balance between staying under the sun and take breaks under a shade so your skin can cool off and drink a lot of water in order to keep both your skin can body hydrated enough.

There’s a lot of simple and easy ways to maintain your skin’s health during summer – drink water, use sunscreen, stay under shaded places, etc. – it is in your hands to stay safe and keep your skin both heathy and beautiful. Check out our skin care products to complete your skin care – here!