New Year’s Goals

Yes, we are well aware that 2022 is already here, but it is never too late to set goals for you to achieve. Did you make a goal list for the New Year? Well, if you haven’t got to it just yet, we’ve got your back with a wonderful goals list to adjust to your needs and simply go for it. We’ve tried to include the best goals anyone can ask for themselves in life, so you can always embrace them for yourself.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is key to health, happiness, goals, and achievement. It can also bring you closer to those you love should you aspire to do the same and join you for enjoyable workouts, cooking together healthy and tasty foods, and you can always celebrate your achievements together and encourage one another to do better. 

A Family

Family can be someone’s goal as well. But the “family” concept is a little too big to set as a goal altogether. It can be several goals that relate to having a family – finding a partner, falling in love, getting married, having a baby, having another baby, having a dog, etc. You understand where this is going – adjust to yourself the goal that suits you best. 

A Career

Not all of us are meant to be self-employed or own a company, but we all can strive to be happy with what we do in life and with the way we make a living. You can set a goal to get a better job, a promotion at your workplace, start your own business, start a company, and so on.


Yes, beauty can be a goal as well. We all wish to look good and feel beautiful. Beauty is also caring for your skin. So make sure you keep up with your skincare routine this year and allow your skin to be healthy and look fabulous with L’core Paris’s skincare products!