Matching Your Makeup to Your Skin

I remember walking in to a cosmetic shop for the first time… being exposed to the variety of options, it was a bit of an overwhelming experience. The endless piles of eye shadow cases of almost any existing color, so many lipsticks options, and so on. So, for those of us who are new to this world, here are some basic tips that will make your first makeup choices a bit easier to take.

Skin’s Type and Tone

The first thing to do is determine your skin’s type and tone. There are 3 main skin types: normal, dry and oily. On top of those there are combination skin’s type and sensitive skin. Determine your skin’s type is important not only for makeup purposes but also in order to match skin care products to treat it best.

Then, you need to check what is your skin’s tone and undertone. The tone can be fair, light, medium or deep. The undertones are cool, warm and natural. Should you struggle to determine which one it is, you can consult with beauty experts.

Test the Foundation

Once you know what are your skin’s type, tone and undertone, you can test shades of foundation – simply apply it on a small spot on your chin and look in the mirror – if there’s a brighter or darker spot than your skin’s tone, the foundation isn’t right for you. In rare cases you might not find a perfect foundation match to your skin, but don’t you worry. In such case you need to combine two foundation’s colors in order to create the perfect match.

Start Enjoying!

Now you can choose shades for your eyes, cheeks and lips – and that’s where the real fun begins! You can set the tone of your makeup by the choices you make. For example: should you have an evening event where you wish to wear makeup with a dramatic effect, you can choose bold colors for your lips or eyes, or both! The options are indeed endless.

Enjoy a Long Lasting Makeup

Wish your makeup would last throughout the entire evening? Here you can read our tips to make your makeup last longer, such as using skin care products and more!