L’core Paris Collections

L’core Paris collections – a whole new world of healthy beauty.

The 24K Gold Collection

The Golden collection, in which you’ll find our fine creams for your facial skin. Try the Gold Eye Special – a dual bundle of 24K Eye Serum – a special cream for the delicate area around your eyes so it can rejuvenate itself. And a 24K Eye Cream to nourish the same area with potency antioxidants, organic botanicals and 24k gold.

The Black Mamba Collection

The Black Mamba collection – presenting with the Black Mamba Eye Diamond Mask, to nourish the deep tissue of your skin with anti-aging properties. It not only nourishing your skin but also relaxing it, allowing it to rejuvenate and replenish once again, while also reducing puffiness and hydrating your skin.

The Body Care Collection

The Body Care collection – a whole new and exciting way to love your whole body! Discover the Body Romance – introducing the Gourmet Body Butter – this rich in shea butter will grant your body an extraordinary silk and soft touch you’ve never experienced before! And the Gourmet Sugar Exfoliator – a luxurious sugar scrub with our innovative formula.

The Diamond Collection

The Diamond collection – our royal collection to allow you a new and fresh look quickly. Try our 60 Second Face Lift Cream and enjoy an anti-aging formula that will show its wonders in just a matter of seconds!

The Emerald Collection

The Emerald collection – our collection for collagen production stimulating. Try the Emerald Collagen Cream, the latest word in collagen treatments. The Emerald Collagen Mask, which is rich in organic botanicals, minerals and moisturizing ingredients!

The Pearl Collection

The Pearl collection – designed to brighten your skin and reduce skin’s pigmentation and dryness among other conditions! Try the Brightening Cream, the Brightening Mask and the Brightening Serum to discover the complete Pearl collection experience.

The Sapphire Collection

The Sapphire collection – the collection that offers an overall treatment for your facial skin. Try our Sapphire Daily Cleansing Routine Bundle that contains our Sapphire Facial Peel, Facial Cleansing Mousse, Sapphire Facial Toner, and Sapphire Milk Cleanser – all in one purchase.

The Ruby Collection

The Ruby collection – this luxurious Lavo Bio Thermal collection is one of the finest collections, all products are enriched with Ruby dust, powerful antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. Discover the Lavo Bio Thermal Cream, the Lavo Bio Thermal Mask, and the Lavo Bio Thermal Serum.

The Spa Botanical Collection

The Spa Botanical collection – exciting and amazing beauty and skin care products, now on sale for your benefit!