Is Cold Weather Bad for Our Skin?

Winter is here and with it the cold weather, the wind, the rain, and the snow. There’s a common belief that coldness is good for our skin’s health. But that’s not entirely accurate. Yes, coldness can reduce eye puffiness and reduce overheating of our skin, but in winter, as the weather gets freezing, it may harm our skin. Here’s how cold weather may harm our skin and how to avoid it.

Unexpected Dryness

The cold weather tends to dry our skin without us even noticing. What is the reason for that? Well, first it is because we don’t expect it to happen. We don’t expect the coldness to harm our skin. It is not as hot as summer, so we don’t feel our skin dries. Because we don’t expect it to happen, we even neglect our skincare and don’t protect our skin. And that leaves our skin unprotected, exposed to damage caused by the extreme cold weather. In extreme winter conditions, the coldness can even cause cold burns to our skin. 

The Cold Sun

The winter sun can be deceiving. Sometimes it looks warm, and then you go out and it is so cold even with the sun shining. And you’re thinking, that well the sun is out but it is not warm so I can stay out in the sun with no protection to our skin and it will be fine. But that’s wrong as prolonged exposure to the cold sun can harm your skin just as much as during summer. Your skin needs protection from the sun and the cold as well. With no skincare, your skin may get dry, red, irritated, and even suffer from cold burns. 

The bottom line, you should care for your skin through winter and keep your skincare routine going steady to maintain your skin’s health and looks.