Hydration and Skin Care – Summer vs Winter

Hydration and Skin Care – Summer VS Winter

Soon the summer will be gone and winter will approach, and again, we’ll change a lot of our life’s aspects accordingly: the short sleeves clothes will clear its place to the favorite of the warm, cozy clothes, the cold-ice beverages we consume will be replaced with warm and hot ones, as the way we ensure our hydration will change, and even our skin care methods will experience changes due to the seasons’ change. How do we maintain hydration during winter in comparison with summer? And how should we protect the health of our skin? And during which season our skin is exposed to more damage? Let’s see.


During summer we’re much more aware of the danger and the consequences of dehydration and direct sunlight to both our health and our skin. So, naturally, we protect ourselves more during summer, as we keep drinking water and apply sunscreen, as part of our seasonal skin care routine. But what happens during winter?

Obviously, during winter we think less about dehydration and worse than that, we don’t feel when we’re dehydrating, and so, as much as this surprising, during winter people suffer more from dehydration, as they sometimes don’t even become aware of it even in an advanced stage. For example: how many times did you suffer from a headache and related it to cold, fiver or some sort of winter virus? In reality, headaches during winter are usually caused due to dehydration and so, every time you feel your head aches or feel even a slight dizziness – make sure you start addressing it by drinking water – even if you’re not thirsty.

Skin care

Same goes with hydration, we’re more aware to the importance of skin care during summer. Therefore, it is important to maintain skin care on regular days and hours – for example: wash your face twice a day to ensure its cleanliness, apply moisture lotion or cream every night, and use face mask once or twice a week – depend on your skin’s type and condition.

The bottom line is, that the main difference is with our awareness, which can be balanced during the different seasons, should we adjust to ourselves steady routines of skin care and hydration.