How’s Your Phone Harming Your Skin

How’s Your Phone Harming Your Skin?

Our smartphones has become an integral part of our lives and of our daily routine, as we hold it in our hands for hours during the day, and we put it to our faces at least few times per day. Now, the researches in the field of smartphone damagesare still at a premature level, but, we can already point out few damages that our mobile phone causing our skin.

Smartphone’s Hygiene

We’re all wondering if indeed our smartphone causing us damage, so let’s start with the basic information we know – smartphone is one of the most uncleaned devices that we’re using throughout the whole day. It catches sweat, dirt, dust and bacteria, due to an ongoing use which rarely includes a thorough clean of it. Think about it: studies already shows that our smartphone can get bacteria up to the level of a bathroom sink or a toilet bowl, and we clean those at least once a week with serious cleaning products such as bleach – now try to remember, when was the last time you’ve clean your phone up to the point you could be sure it is all bacteria-free? Every time we put it to our face or touch our face right after we held our phones – the bacteria, dust, sweat and other dirt passes to our skin.

Heat & Radiation

On top of the bacteria and dirt our smartphone accumulates and passes to our skin, it also emits heat and radiation as long as it’s turned on, and those even increase when the smartphone’s battery is low. The direct heat on our facial skin, combined with the dirt and bacteria, is a certain recipe to infection and inflammation. On top of that, the radiation is yet another serious danger – as studies start to show that the smartphone radiation penetrates to our skin deeper than the sun, meaning it causes more severe damage than sunburns, and only time will reveal the skins’ problem this radiation will cause.

How to Reduce the Smartphone Damage to Our Skin?

The first thing you can do is clean your phone with anti-bacterial towelettes, on a regular basis – at least few times droning the day. Wash your hands and face and clean it well (faces – recommended at least twice a day, hands – whenever you sweat, hold or touch something uncleaned, before and after eating, etc.), don’t forget to use cleansers and skin care products for your facial skin. During hours in which you don’t use your phone place it far from you, where the radiation can’t reach you. If you let someone use your phone – clean it right after – you don’t know where their hands has been just before. And in general, do make the effort to use your phone less – there’s a whole world out there for you to enjoy!