How to Remove Your Makeup?

So many articles has been dedicated to the subject of makeup and how to use it, how to choose it and countless tips about it has been published across the web. But what about removing your makeup? How important is it to remove the makeup, if at all? If so, why is important? And how should you remove it? And when? All these questions are about to be answered ahead. Let’s begin.

Is It Important to Remove Makeup

With so many skin-friendly makeup products out there, it is easy to be confused and think that our makeup also use for skin caring. Sure, there are makeup products that contain moist and other elements that our skin needs, but make no mistake – your makeup can’t be the skin care treatment your skin needs. On the contrary, your skin needs caring treatment as a result of using makeup, regardless of how high quality it is. Your skin needs to be able to breathe, especially at night, after being under that makeup all day long. Its moist levels must be restored and it should be carefully cleaned at the end of every day or event you wear makeup for.

Why Is It Important to Remove Makeup

First, as mentioned, our skin has to breathe, and so, removing the makeup allows it to do so. Being able to breath, our skin can restore its oxygen levels and release unwanted toxins by sweat it out. Additionally, most makeup products dries our skin, and neglecting to remove it may increase the dryness of our skin, causing it wrinkles and rushes. Also, your skin needs its caring treatments and should you won’t clean it before applying skin care products, it will be pointless to use it as it won’t be able to get into the skin through the makeup remains.

When Should You Remove Your Makeup

The first thing important to understand is that the sooner you’ll remove your makeup the better. Meaning, as you’re coming home from work, remove the makeup. And the times when you’re coming home late at night, after parting or attending to a family event, and you’re just too tired to remove your makeup and you consider to leave it be and remove it in the morning? Well, don’t! Sleeping with your makeup on preventing your skin from the air and relief it needs after wearing the makeup for long hours. Not only that you’re not allowing your skin to breathe, it also lead to irritations and extra dryness that may lead to more severe skin’s conditions. So, tired or not, make sure you take the time to remove your makeup and provide your skin with the skin care it needs, before going to bed.

How to Remove Your Makeup Properly

Do you simply wash your face with water in order to remove your makeup? Know it isn’t enough. Far from it. if you wash your face and neck with water and then wipe it with a towel, know that your porousness are probably still blocked with the remains of the makeup and the dirt your skin got from the outside air. So, not only your skin cannot breathe, it also isn’t clean. Use makeup remover to remove the first layer of the makeup, then wash it with water and facial soap to ensure all of it is gone. Once you’re sure you got it all, it is time to apply your skin care and allow relieving for your skin. That way, your skin can restore itself during night and you won’t wake up with sore irritating skin.