How to Protect Your Skin During Hot Weather Days

How to Protect Your Skin during Hot Weather Days?

The weather in our world is getting more extreme from one season to another, while the global warming is growing as well. The damages that the sunlight can cause to our skin and health in general are dangerous and devastating. Therefore, we must protect and ensure our skin’s health during extremely hot days – here’s how we can do it.

Apply Sunscreen Whenever You Go Outside

The sunlight UV and UVB rays can really harm us, therefore, it is strongly recommended to apply sunscreen on our exposed skin whenever we go out, as part of our skin care routine, rather than applying it only when we plan a day at the beach. Even when you go gardening at your backyard – you must use sunscreen for your own safety.

Wear Hats

Hats are beautiful fashion elements, but also a great way to protect our facial skin from the sun. It will also reduce headaches that often caused by long staying in the sun. It may seem unimportant to you but it is so essential for your skin’s health – don’t you forget it!

Water & Tomatoes Protect from Sunburns

The more water you’ll drink, the more your body and skin will be naturally protected from sunburns. It doesn’t mean that drinking water will prevent any sunburn from occurring, but it will improve your body’s natural protection of it. Interesting fact is that also tomatoes increases the natural level of our bodies’ protection from sunburns, especially if it is cooked or processed, so it can’t be harmful to add it to your diet in times of extreme hot weather.

Wear Long Sleeves Clothing

When spending long hours outdoors it is important to be protected from the direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best to wear wide clothes with long sleeves, which made of thin and breathable fabric (such as linen) so it won’t be too hot for us and yet keep us protected.

Remember – it is never too early to start thinking about skin care and protect ourselves.