How to Protect Our Skin this Halloween?

Hallowing is almost here and with it the costumes arrive, the masks, the accessories and among it – Halloween’s makeup. So, just before you paint your own face or your children’s faces, here are few tips that will allow you to maintain healthy skin and ensure your kids’ skin care too.

Choose the Makeup for Your Child’s Costume by Yourself

Kids will apply any sort of color you’ll hand to them, while remaining careless to the affects it might have on their skin. Therefore, it is your task to ensure that your kid’s costume is good for them, including the makeup quality. Using bad makeup can lead to skin’s irritations, pimples, acne and other skin’s infections – prevent that from happening and choose quality facial color for your child. Do not use color that isn’t meant for facial use.

Moister the Skin Before and After Use

Before applying the facial color, apply moisturizer to the skin – even if your child is young and has great skin (and maybe because of it) – as it is very important to ensure skin care from young age. It will provide the skin with the moisture it needs in order to remain healthy skin.

Remove Makeup after the Use

Make sure you remove all makeup traces off your skin (or you child’s skin) after the use, and by that we mean straight away after the use. Do not allow your child to fall asleep with the makeup on, just because they wish to enjoy this special holiday for a little longer or because they are too tired to remove it – the longer it will remain on the skin the higher chances it will cause an infection to the skin.

For Us Adults

One more tip for us adults. Our skin isn’t young and healthy as children’s skin, therefore, it needs that extra touch in order to ensure a healthy skin. So, we recommend to use face mask twice during the week that follows Halloween – just to ensure you’ve restored your skin’s moisture and health.

This Halloween our makeup will be a treat and not a trick! Happy holiday!