How to Keep Your Family Active through Winter Time?

We’re all familiar with that feeling, as the days are getting colder and colder and all you want to do is to stay inside of your house with your family. But it is not only “to stay at home” that we’re looking for, it is also that laziness that’s taking over our whole being. How can we avoid that laziness and how we can encourage our family to overcome it? Well, the answer is – by fun and rewarding activities that will not only keep our family active and healthy, but also bring us closer as a family. Here’s just a few examples of family activities for winter.

Challenge Each Other

Challenging each other to work harder, to complete some task or to beat you in your traditional family game, will raise your motivation to do so. You can challenge each other with daily workouts that you do within the house, such as 30 push-ups or you can challenge each other to complete an outdoors task, such as running a half of a mile faster than your family’s best record. Best thing about challenges, you can always come up with new, exciting and even funny ways to challenge each other with.

Rewarding Winter Activities

Winter time can be hard on all of us as we lose the will to maintain active. One of the best ways to encourage people to do something is to reward them. And what can be a better encouragement than tasty warm and comfort foods? Put aside the tasty foods you can cook with your family, such as soups and quiches, think about all the tasty sweet desserts you can cook and bake together! So you have great activity to keep your family active and at the end of it you can enjoy chocolate cookies, apple pie or any other warm and comforting dessert which you like.

Have Fun

Remember to keep it fun, especially for the young kids in your family. Forcing a boring activity on your family members, which none of them like to do, may lead to a situation where next they will avoid doing it at all, and so lose all motivation for family activities. So, try to find the fun in everything you do, even if the task itself isn’t so fun – try to think how you and your family will benefit out of it and encourage your family by it. The key is to do things together!