How Exercising Makes Us Happier?

Working out is good for us – it is good for our health, it is good for our mood, and it can even work as a natural skin care! But what is the influence of exercising on us that it is so good for us? Here are 5 things that working out does for each and every one of us, even for those of us who doesn’t like to exercise at all and not only those who embraced that healthy lifestyle.

Rise to the Challenge

No matter how we choose to look at it, exercising is a challenge. It might be easier for some of us than what it is for others, but still a challenge it is. And the difficulty level can always be raised up. Meaning, we can always strive to succeed the challenge and even more than that, once we did, we can always raise the bar and challenge ourselves with a higher level of difficulty.

Success and Accomplishment

That feeling when we succeedis priceless! No matter what the level of difficulty was, once we’ve succeeded we feel accomplished. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to feeling good about ourselves thanks to exercising.

Improves Our Mood

As mentioned above, exercising does improve our state of mind and grants us good mood, but it is not only because that sense of achievement we’ve mentioned in the last paragraph, but rather more of a physical reaction. See, when we work out, our body’s releasing chemicals known as Endorphins, which basically effect our brain in a way that reduces the level of pain that we feel (actually it reduces our perception about the pain we feel), while causing us to feel good (in a similar way to what morphine does to us, only without the bad influence – shocking isn’t it?).

Improve Blood Flow

Exercising improves our blood flow, which is good for our health. Improved blood flow also means that there’s more oxygen reaching our skin, which works like a natural skin care, stimulating antiaging process. So, more working out will allow you to maintain healthy skin.

Improve Body Functioning and Health

When we exercise on a regular basis it is improving the way our body work, it start with better blood flow and reach up to better heart functioning. Working out is good for us and so each of us should embrace healthy lifestyle and allow ourselves to enjoy its benefits.