How Does Winter Work against Our Skin

We always talk about how we must protect our skin during summer and the devastating impact that the sun has on it, but as winter approaches, it is time to remind ourselves how dangerous the winter might be as well. And the first reason of winter being so dangerous, is our lack of awareness to its risks. So here are 3 things to remember during winter that will allow you to be more alert of your skin’s health.

Sun Damage

The most common mistake about the sun and the risks it’s causing is believing that the hazardous of the sun derived from its heat. A part of it is right, but it is crucial to remember that the sunlight is harmful to our skin due to its UV light. During winter, when the sun is shining and you go outside and it is cold – the sunbeams still harming your skin. And so, you need to apply skin care protection products before exposing your skin to the sun, even if it is cold outside.

The Heat Effect

During summer the weather is so hot most of the times and it stimulates our sense of thirst. In simple words – when we feel the heat we feel thirsty and so we drink more. When we feel cold, our sense of thirst decreases significantly and so we don’t consume enough liquids and that might lead to dehydration, and we all know what that does to our skin.

Getting Lazy

It is only natural that with the cold weather we tend to close ourselves up at home more often and we get too lazy, and sometimes even neglect our exercising schedule. When stopping exercising it lowers our blood flow, meaning less oxygen to our skin, meaning less skin’s and cells’ natural rejuvenating.

Remembering those factors that take its impact on all of us, will allow us to remember to maintain our skin care through winter, and provide it with the moisture and the vitamins it needs in order to stay healthy, vivid and glowing.