What is beauty? Is it something we can see or taste? Maybe it’s something we hear, or perhaps it is entirely something that the “object” of which we think beauty projects the concept of beauty? Maybe it is what society determines for us or perhaps the fashion industry. In this article, we will try to define beauty through the eye of the beholder. Define beauty. Let’s begin.

Is Beauty What You See?

Some believe that beauty is a visible thing. See, this belief puts a lot of power on the beholder’s side as it considers the beholder as the person who defines beauty for themselves, rather than something determined by the fashion industry or the society this beholder lives within. In simple words, it means that beauty is something that we see and we like it.

Is Beauty What You Hear?

Others believe that beauty is what you hear. And that means what the object projects to the beholder. Meaning, how does the object come off in the beholder’s mind? Now, this belief takes power off the beholder’s hands and puts it in the beautiful object’s hands. Means, if the thing is confident, strong-minded, and maybe even playful – the beholder will find them to be beautiful. In simple words, it means that beauty is confidence and self-esteem.

Is Beauty What You Feel?

Then, some believe that beauty is the sum of what we feel. It is the sum of what we see, what we hear, and what others around us consider beauty. All of this combined into the beauty ideal, which isn’t the same for everyone but certainly has a lot in common. Now, try to test yourself – what is beauty, in your opinion?