Corona Time – Protect and Preserve

The Coronavirus changed our immediate day to day routines and behavior, and force a new reality upon us all. Whether being directly affected by the virus or not, all of us had to make some adjustments to our lives. As a society, we had to embrace social distance behavior, even with our own family members. And as individuals, we each had to increase our personal hygiene methods and to protect ourselves from being exposed to the virus, by using face masks and disposable gloves.

Now, there’s a lot to say about the virus and its implications upon our lives, that’s for sure. But, on this article we will address the meaning of using protective face mask and gloves for our skin care. And we’ll also give you some tips for how to protect and preserve your skin care and health along protecting yourselves from the virus.

The Meaning of Using Face Mask

Now that the coronavirus is out there, we all must wear protective face masks to cover our mouths and noses. The masks allows us to reduce our chances to catch the virus from other people who might have it. But, at the same time, that also means that we breathe less fresh air, which means we might even get less oxygen into our body. Therefore, when outdoors, in an open space and away from others, you can lower the mask off your nose and breathe in deep breaths and fill your lungs with fresh air. Did we say fresh air? Oh, yes we did and we even recommend to drive to the nearest place to your house to get that fresh air – be it a park, a forest, a lake and such. But remember not to remove your face mask should there are people nearby.

In additional to the oxygen issue, there’s also the heat of our own breathe within the mask, especially when it’s on a hot weather – it might cause our skin to get irritated from the breath and steam (that feels like sweat) accumulated on our skin around the mouth and nose. So, it is very important to firmly clean our face after using mask. On one hand, your skin will feel hydrated, which is great, but it won’t be clean so you must wash and clean in every time.

Disposable Gloves

Using gloves is only in immediate and brief need, otherwise, it has no point since we touch our faces, body and personal items (such as phone) constantly, and the minute you touch one of the above, the gloves are considered to be contaminated. But if you do use gloves – make sure you’re not allergic to the powder there is in some of it and if you are, choose gloves with no powder in it. Additionally, wash and clean your hands after using gloves, because: one – even if you’re not allergic, the powder dries your skin and second, most tend to sweat within the gloves, which might also cause irritations to your skin. Of course, maintain your skin care routine intact in order to allow your skin to preserve its vitality.

Most important thing – be safe, protect yourselves and others, all while making the best of those strange days of corona time. Wishing health and happiness to all of you!