Black Mamba Collection

This is the time to discover L’core Paris’s Black Mamba Collection! Our very prestigious eye treatment collection, including masks and line correction. Made with the finest ingredients to best benefit your skin and allowing it to remain young, healthy and ever-beautiful. Enter here to learn more about the Black Mamba Collection or read on to discover the wonderful products in this finest collection.

Black Mamba Eye Diamond Mask

The Black Mamba Eye Diamond Mask is an exclusive eye mask, designed to replenish and relax the sensitive skin around your eyes, while giving it the boost it needs. The great thing about this mask, is that it won’t only make you look radiant, but will also make you feel that way too. Each kit includes 12 Eye Diamond Masks and you can order it here. With that wonderful mask, all you’ve got to do is lay back for about 15-25 minutes, while the mask reduces puffiness, dark circles around your eyes, and the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

Black Mamba Line Correction

The Black Mamba Line Correction will reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness within 60 seconds. The idea is to give you not only quick but fine solution for when you need it ASAP. Right before you go on a very crucial business meeting or a romantic date. So, enter here to get it, and allow your skin to remain hydrated, young and flawless.

Black Mamba Rejuvenating Mask

Allow us to present you with the most luxurious mask for your skin – the Black Mamba Rejuvenating Mask. Infused with the best ingredients to treat your skin and leave it young, healthy and glowing. This mask is rich in high potency antioxidants, south see pearls and 24K gold – what else, right? Click here to discover more about this revolutionary mask.