Benefits of Exfoliating

In the pursuit of maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, I always consult with people I know about their skincare routines and the actions they take. I’m a very conscious person regarding my skincare and that’s why it came to me as a surprise that a lot of people I know exfoliate their skin because someone advised them to do so. However, they really don’t know the benefits of exfoliating. In this article, I will talk about the wonderful benefits of exfoliating your skin.


The first benefit and purpose of exfoliating is cleaning your skin. The exfoliating cleans our skin from all that it accumulates. Meaning the sweat that dried onto your skin, the dust, soot, and dirt it picks from the air and the germs that get on our skin from our hands and such. The dirt is sometimes stubborn and so needs the action of the exfoliation in order to be removed. And so, when you wash your hands with regular hands or body soap the dirt remains on your skin.

Enhance Absorption

When our skin is thoroughly cleaned, it is easier for it to absorb the next treatment you wish to give it. Meaning, that it prepares your skin to absorb hydration and other skin care products you wish to treat it with. The exfoliation allows your skin to quickly and easily absorb the hydration as you take a bath and to quickly absorb the products you use for your skin after taking a bath. After absorbing the hydration from the bath, you can use body lotion and lock in the hydration within your skin, so it can keep its hydration for longer.

The bottom line is that thanks to exfoliating, your skin remains cleaner, softer, and healthier!