Be Thankful – It’s Good for You

This year’s thanksgiving came to me as a surprise. I was so busy and so troubled with so many issues, that I almost forgot all about the holiday. Even when I realized the holiday is almost here, I didn’t have any motivation or willing to celebrate it. But as it came closer and closer, I found myself looking in the mirror, and a sad, stressed and sometimes even angry woman stared right back at me, and all of the sudden I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be thankful. So, here are my thoughts this thanksgiving and my realization of how important being thankful really is.

I Want to Be Happy and Thankful – It Is My Decision To Make!

The closer and closer thanksgiving got, I realized I wish I was thinking about how happy I am with what I have and accomplished in my life, rather than being sad and unpleased with the things that I don’t have or didn’t accomplished. The more I wished for good thoughts I realized it was all my decision to make. It was up to me whether to be happy with what I have or to be bitter about things I wished I had. Slowly, I started being happier and happier with myself and learned to appreciate the good things in my life.

Happier Heart – Happier Face

The happier I got I could see my facial express changes from a sad person with “grumpy” face, wrinkled forehead and “angry” eyebrows – into a happy person with calmer express, positive and without all those wrinkles caused by a long period of stress and being so angry with the world.

The More Thankful you’ll be the More You’ll Believe You Can Achieve

We’ve all got our struggles in this life, and we’ve all got those things we can complain about or be unpleased with in our lives, but the secret is to decide whether we allow it to take its toll on us or whether we stare it right in the face and being thankful for the good things we got. Being thankful can lead us to strive for more, to achieve more and to believe we can achieve more. The bottom line is to never allow the bad things in your life to drag you down, but keep being positive and allow yourself to be happy with what you have, and you know what? Once you will be happy it will also show on you! I actually look better since I’ve started to take a positive perspective towards myself and my life. You should try it too!