At What Age Should I Start with Skin Care?

Skin care is very important, not only in measures of beauty but also in measures of health. When our skin is not protected throughout the years, it can lead to the appearance of skin’s irritations, infections, pimples and acne, but it can also lead to sunburns or other sun’s damages to the skin, up to skin’s cancer. Remember, skin care is important at any age – here’s our skin care tips and the best age to start!

The First Decade (0-10)

Do you believe that at this early age there’s no importance to skin care? Think again! The world is getting warmer and warmer, meaning the risks and damages of the sun are only getting worse. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy skin, even as early as these ages, while it is the task of us as parents at this point. It is our responsibility to apply sunscreen to our kids’ bare skin whenever enjoying an outdoor activity. Should the kid’s skin show other irritations as a result of an exposure to the sun – it is best recommended to consult with your family doctor.

The Teenage Decade

Adding to protecting the skin from the sun, at teenage a lot of skin’s irritations usually start. It is important to treat it with the right product (consult with your doctor). Now, regardless to if you have skin’s problem of any sort or not, it is important to wash your face and neck thoroughly at least 3 times a day, to lower the risk, which is usually high at that age.

The 20’s

By the age of twenty most women have already started to embrace their own skin care routine, in order to maintain beautiful skin. But yet again, remember that it is not just an aspect of beauty, but your health depended on your actions in that matter. So, by the age of twenty, it is best to start applying moisturizer twice a day and using a face mask about once a week.

The Type of Your Skin

It is also important to be aware to your own skin and the way it feels to you. For example, should you have a dry skin, you’ll want to consider a moisturizer with olive oil or a face mask that based on that wonderful oil. If you’re not sure of your skin’s type or the best product for your skin, you can click here and learn more about L’core Paris skin care products!