Are You Beautiful?

Are you beautiful? Do you FEEL beautiful? And what is the difference between being beautiful and feeling beautiful? Do you like what you see when you look at the mirror? Do you like the way people are looking at you on the street or when you’re out with friends? And what is beauty? Who’s to say what is beautiful and what isn’t?

Beauty Is How We Feel

For years people believed that beauty is measured only according to the appearance. There are beauty standards, such as a certain height, weight, the color of the eyes and hair, etc., which many tries to follow or dream to have. But, it seems we’ve finally realized that beauty is how we feel too. Beauty isn’t a set of rules to follow or a list of appearance characters, but it is individual, as each of us can find different people as beautiful in our eyes. We’ve found that some of us find a certain character as beautiful, such as humility, while others find confidence to be beautiful. And it also related with how we see ourselves.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

When you look at yourself in the mirror, how do you feel about the person looking back at you? Do you feel you are pretty? Do you feel beautiful? When you go out to a bar or a party, do you feel confident about yourself? See, we’ve also learned that the more one feels confident in their appearance, others find them beautiful too. After all, diversity is exactly what makes each of us special in their own way. What was so special if we were all the same? Diversity and uniqueness is what makes it all interesting, isn’t it?

So, celebrate your own beauty with confidence and allow the world to enjoy your uniqueness! Learn to love who you are and learn what are the things that makes you special – and you better believe it!