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Created by nature, perfected by humans 

L’Core Paris creates highly advanced, luxury skincare and beauty products that deliver real and visible results, specialized in anti-aging and beautifying treatments, so that women can look and feel the best version of themselves, in a safe, natural and healthy way.

Our signature collections combine gemstones, minerals and metals, which have proven to dramatically improve skin texture, and contain beautifying properties.

Established in 2011, L’Core Paris has rapidly expanded its products worldwide, with presence all around the globe.

Created by Nature, Perfected by Humans. Nature has given us the best resources, and at L’Core Paris, we to turn them into powerful and effective products. We choose the best organic extracts and transform them into high quality formulas, engineered to maximize results. Using the latest technologies, pharmaceutical grade raw materials, certifications from numerous organizations such as Leaping Bunny, and with recyclable packaging, our goal is to create the best products conforming to the highest quality standards, while caring for the environment and the world we live in.


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