A Healthy Lifestyle – All or Nothing?

Too many times I hear from friends and family members of mine that once they’ve realized they don’t follow one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle, it was an easy slip into neglecting all methods of it. For example, my close friend told me that it is hard for her to stay away from junk foods and so she’s also neglected her workouts as well because “what’s the point?” as she said. But does leading a healthy life style should be all or nothing? Let’s discuss.

The Strict Healthy Lifestyle

The strict healthy lifestyle gurus opine that it is all or nothing. They use the strictness as a motivator to their followers. That is a great way to quickly embrace the healthy lifestyle and apply it if you’re the kind of person who needs the push from your coacher. That why it is very hard to cheat or use excuses and we believe it is one of the most effective methods in healthy lifestyle. But, thing is that it doesn’t work for all of us. And it is especially hard for those at the beginning of their healthy way, and soon enough they find it hard to make the changes, and the strict method might be too much and lead them at the opposite direction.

A Step by Step Heathy Lifestyle

On the bottom line, what our body needs the most is – balance. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle but finds it too hard to do, you should take the step by step method. Meaning, every time to change one thing until it becomes a habit and then add another change. Soon enough the habits will become a second nature to you, and then it won’t be hard to keep with.

There isn’t one way to live a healthy lifestyle. The idea is for everyone to find their own way and live by it with no guilt. Some would choose to combine guilty pleasures in their healthy lifestyle and some will choose to be as strict as possible about it – it is up to you to find the best way for you. The most important thing – don’t let one setback to get you down! Allow the good thing to lift you up and encourage you to do more good things for your body and spirit! After all, that is the idea of choosing a healthy lifestyle.