A Healthy Holiday Dinner

Leading a healthy lifestyle is very rewarding and not only because of the healthy aspect of things, right? It keeps you more active, more motivated to act on opportunities life offers, and happier in general. Now let’s talk about a healthy lifestyle during the holidays and what we should do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle through this season. Just as when starting a healthy lifestyle, the key is to make smart and healthy choices. Let’s talk about healthy choices for your holiday dinner.

Avoid Fried Foods

Fried foods are very unhealthy and you should avoid them as much as you can. Not only is it making you unhealthy, but it also makes you feel heavy and tired, even when you’re not. So, let’s skip that heavy feeling that comes along with every holiday dinner and simply cook healthier. Instead of frying your food, you can choose receipts that offer you to roast your food in the oven. You can grill meat on the BBQ rather than frying it in deep oil.

Enrich Your Dishes Selection with Vegetables

Vegetables allow you to cook so many tasty healthy dishes! You can grill, roast, or toast vegetables, you can fill it with other vegetables and meats, and cook it together – offering yourself and your family to enjoy healthy colorful tasty dishes! You can also make hot and cold salads for your holiday dinner! Salads are a great source of vitamins and energy. Combine at least 6-colored vegetables into your vegetable salad to create a deep taste and a super-healthy salad. Try to add some pomegranate to your salad – it is a superfood and it adds a unique taste to the salad as well. Remember – all of those vegetables benefit your health and your skin as well! 

This holiday season we will eat better, feel better, look better, and enjoy a lot more!