5 Tips for Clean & Beautiful Hands

Keeping a healthy skin on our hands is not only a matter of keeping it beautiful but also maintain its soft “velvet-like” touch. But how do we do so? First we need to understand what may harm our hands’ skin, and then it would make sense of how we can avoid it. So, here are 5 tips that will help you with keeping clean and beautiful hands. Lets’ begin.

Avoid Extreme Heat

Whether at the beach under the direct sunlight or at home washing your hands – extreme heat isn’t good for our skin. It causes redness, it may lead to dryness and on severe cases, might cause blisters and burns. Sure, hot water will better clean your hands as you wash it, bit too hot and it will lead to damage so – find just the right temperature in between hot and cold.

Avoid Extreme Cold

Everybody knows that extreme heat will harm our skin, but what about cold? Can is harm our skin and how? Well, extreme cold causes dryness to the skin and leads to cuts and cracks as the hands’ skin breaks. It hurts not less than heat damages and just like the heat, it can even cause burns to our skin.

Wear Gloves

When working with your hands, for example when working at the garden or painting the walls. When working on the garden, the send and dirt isn’t so good for our skin, as it may drew the moisture out of it and will lead to dryness pretty quickly. Same goes for paint, it sticks to the skin can then you find yourself scratching it as you try to remove it. Wearing gloves in such cases, will avoid all of that.

Wash Your Hands Often

But not too often as water also dries our hands’ skin. The idea is that we touch so many things and objects throughout our day, and so we need to wash it pretty often should we wish to keep it clean. But, avoid washing it too often so you won’t dry it up, due to salts that exist in the water.

Skin Care for the Hands

Another way you can avoid dryness caused by washing your hands is using lotions that will restore moisture levels in your hands’ skin. You can also use other skin care products designed to treat the skin on our hand as it also provide the skin extra protection, while allowing it to rejuvenate.