5 Personal Hygiene Tips to Protect Your Skin’s Health

Keeping high personal hygiene allows us to keep our hands cleaner and to keep our skin cleaner, which means healthier as well. We’re all aware of the importance of washing our hands after using the toilet or before having a meal – but what about washing our hands after driving our own car or cleaning our cellphones? Here’s 5 personal hygiene tips to protect your skin’s health. 

Clean Hands

Keeping our hands clean will allow us to keep a cleaner skin. The average person touches their face hundreds of times per day. And most of the times our hands aren’t as clean as we might imaging it to be. So, keep your hands clean as much as possible. 

Clean Phone

Did you know that our cellphone may carry germs in an amount that is pretty close to the germs on our toilet at home? Or to the amount of germs on our kitchens’ sink? That’s serious. A lot of times we neglect cleaning our cellphone and it accumulate germs quickly that soon enough are getting on our hands and faces. Think about that and clean your cellphone more often. 

Clean Work Environment

We spend a lot of our time at work. Therefore, it is important to maintain our personal hygiene at work and keep our work environment clean and organize. Enjoying a clean work environment will allow us to keep our skin cleaner and healthier more easily. 

Clean Car

Clean car is also important in order to keep a clean skin – especially the car steering wheel, which we touch the most and we don’t tend to clean so often. When it isn’t clean we touch it (think about the heat during summertime and the sweat you leave on it) and then we touch our faces and transfer the dirt onto our faces. 

Clean Skin – Daily Skin Care Routine

Eventually, but maybe most importantly, is keeping your skin clean. Having a daily skin care routine will allow you to keep your skin as clean as possible. That means cleaning your skin mornings and evenings, every single day, and also providing your skin with the care it needs. And also cleaning your skin throughout your day as you stay aware to your skin’s condition at all time.