5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Transform Your Skin This Year

This year, be extra kinder to your skin. A brighter and clearer skin doesn’t only mean a pure complexion but also a healthy appearance that will surely boost your confidence!

Skin Care Resolutions 2018

When another year is beginning, people tend to make a lot of resolutions and try hard to keep them for the next 365 days. Whether be it a fitness goal, an academic or professional goal, resolutions are the thing every first of the year. But you shouldn’t forget about your skin, too! Here are five New Year’s resolutions that will surely transform your skin this 2018.

1. Never go to bed with your makeup still on

We know this all too well but still neglect the fact that it is a must. Sleeping is a time to restore your skin. And if you have makeup on, your oil glands and pores will be blocked, and the results can be disastrous. So stop being lazy because it can have lasting effects.

2. Stop yourself from picking

No matter how much tempting it is to pop that pimple, take a deep breath and stop! It’s never a good idea to do self-surgery as it will only leave you with marks and scars. It can even cause you OCD!

3. Sneak an essence into your routine

While this might be new to American skin care routine, essences are the secret to the glowing complexion. Thanks to this hype from the Korean skincare routine, we discovered the secret potion to flawless skin.

4. Start double-cleansing

It’s not a gimmick for brands to get us buying two same products– because they’re not. The first cleanse will wipe away grime, bacteria, and makeup while the second one will remove any other dirt left and deep clean your pores.

5. Disinfect your phone

It’s already 2018 your phone still has the oils and bacteria collected from last year. Start the new year by cleansing not only your skin, but also your phone!

The Bottom Line

Make this year a time to level up your skincare routine. For sure, your skin will thank you for your extra kindness!