5 Items in Your Purse that will Save Your Day

You know that moment when you need something specific and you go through your packed handbag, and find everything except that one thing you need? Guess we all do. We’ve all overload it with so many things, from skin care products to our favorite flavored gums or candy, and it seems that sometimes we forget about the small rather important things we should always carry in our purse. Such as those 5 items that will save your day.

Cellphone Charger

Even if you spend most of your day at places where you have a charger for your phone, say at home or the office, having a charger with you at all times will sooner or later save your day. All it takes is one time when you’re out of the office or home and your phone’s battery drops low fast. That moment, which seems like the end of the world, the end of our ability to stay connected, the end of everything (cause let’s admit it, we do tend to overreact to that scenario, right?), at that moment, where all is almost lost – the charger will save you from the oblivion of silence.

Cleansing Wipes or Sanitizing Gel

Cleansing wipes are also a must at your purse, as we get more aware than ever to our self-hygiene and so those wipes will save our day, almost every day. It will save us, whenever we’ll get that feeling that our hands or faces are filled with dirt or when our facial skin feels oily. Also, it is also allows us to remove our makeup whenever choosing to. Sanitizing gel may work as well but only for our hands. But it is extremely important to remember that the wipes or sanitizing gel cannot come on the behalf of our daily cleansing routines. Sure, it can allow you to stay and feel cleaner and fresher throughout your day, but once at home, you should stick to your skin care methods with the skin care products that suit for your skin’s type.

Moisturizing Lipstick

Our lips are very tender and can be affected by the weather and surroundings, and so it is important to carry a moisturizing lipstick in our purse. Applying it whenever your lips feels sore, dry or irritated, will allow you to maintain its health and appearance in a better condition. Consider it as an extra part of your skin care.

Always Be Ready #1

As women, we know that the period can surprise us, even when keeping truck with it on a regular basis, right? And if we don’t want it to get in our way we must be prepared for it. Therefore, tampons are also a must item that once we’ll need it, will defiantly save our day.

Always Be Ready #2

For some of us, the period comes with horrible cramps and pain that might be so bad it can paralyze us. That’s the way it is for me most of the times. That’s why you will always find in my purse a painkiller that allows me to get through it (or helps me to get home in worse cases). Whatever works for you in times like that, be it a pill or a chamomile tea, keep it available for you in your purse. It has saved me countless times before.