2020’s Upcoming Fashion

With the year of 2020 a new decade is starting. Should we compare it with the 20’s of the 20th century we’ll find that fashion has come a long way. But it is only make sense as we’ve come a long way as humans. As society. As people. Civil rights, women rights, gay rights – all became legit and demandable as humanity started realizing that we’re not all the same but each of us has feeling, desires and ways to express ourselves. And so, we’ve witnessed the same movement in fashion as well. Let’s see how.

Individual Fashion

Decades ago, the human race comprehended itself as one tribe or at least as a collection of different tribes. Within the tribe each member had to adjust themselves to follow their tribe’s habits, traditions way of life and even its perception of life itself. Those who have failed to do so, found themselves at the margins of their own tribe or society, outcast and unwanted, and often even feared from. But as society has developed, today we understand that although we’re all humans, each of us has their own uniqueness and that this uniqueness is what makes our society so special. And so it’s been a while now that we’ve learned to celebrate our diversity, and now only allowing uniqueness but even encouraging it in a festive perception of the differences between us.

And so, in fashion we see more and more the power of the individual and its unique style. As the 21th century goes on, the individual fashion is growing and its impact upon us is stronger. More and more people feel confident to choose their fashion style according to their own sense rather than following the fashion industry statements.

Fashion Liquidity

The 21st century is characterized with liquidity. The new generation see life itself as touch and go and so they less tend to hang on things. Life is short and the youth doesn’t wish to waste it on definitions or characterizing of things, rather than simply experience as much as they can out of this life. And so, gender liquidity and sexual liquidity is very common among kids these days, and we see it through their fashion statements as well. It is not uncommon to witness man who choose to wear pink shirts or young ladies who chooses to blur their femininity by putting on clothing that until the recent years considered as clothing for men.

2020 will continue this movement of individuality and gender liquidity as our society tries to neglect its own tendency to characterize almost everything.